1.       Development of less energy and low fouling MBR innovative technology and excellent durable membrane products, “Water and Sewage Innovation Technology Development Project”, KEITI, Korea, 2021.04 ~ 2024.12 (4,065,100 k KRW) – Role: Collaborator

2.       Development of microbial signaling system control technology to reduce biofouling in the membrane bioreactor for industrial wastewater treatment and improve the production of treated water, “Industry-Academic Research Project”, Samsung Display Co., Ltd., Korea, 2021.1 ~ 2021.12 (80,300 k KRW) – Role: Principal Investigator

3.       [PLAY-e3] PROGRAM, “Green Convergence Technology Manpower Nurturing Specialized Graduate School Project (Field: Post-Plastics)”, KEITI, Korea, 2020.10 ~ 2024.2 (4,137,000 k KRW) – Role: Collaborator

4.       Improving the efficiency of anaerobic wastewater treatment by controlling microbial quorum sensing, “Young Researcher Program”, NRF, Korea, 2020.3 ~ 2023.2 (460,000 k KRW) – Role: Principal Investigator

5.       Establishment of a model for solving regional environmental problems using the Environmental Services Platform, “Priority Research Institute Program”, NRF, Korea, 2020.6 ~ 2023.2 (2,695,000 k KRW) – Role: Collaborator

6.       Development of technology to remove microplastics in the Han River, Seoul Green Environment Center, Korea, 2020.4 ~ 2020.12 (40,000 k KRW) - Role: Principal Investigator

7.       Efficiency of UF as a pretreatment of RO desalination (Lab test), “Desalination for Industrial Water Supply Turnkey Project”, Korea, 2019.8 ~ 2019.12 (68,000 k KRW) – Role: Principal Investigator

8.       Bacterial signaling mechanism based biofouling control technology in membrane water treatment systems, “Beginning independent Researcher Program”, NRF, Korea, 2018.9 ~ 2020.8 (60,000 k KRW) – Role: Principal Investigator

9.       Enhancement of process efficiency of IC-SBR, “Environmental Technology Verification Project”, H-ENTECH Co., Ltd, 2019.2 ~ 2020.1 (100,000 k KRW) – Role: Collaborator


Research Professor – Dr. Anburajan Parthiban

1.       Improvement of bioenergy and biopolymer production through application of quorum sensing technology to anaerobic microbiome, “Basic Science Research Program”, NRF, Korea, 2021.06 ~ 2024.05 (210,000 k KRW) – Role: Principal Investigator